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Essex Project.

MAL have been entrusted to carry out the enabling works for the future construction of the IWMF and other facilities, which includes a 2km length access road and associated drainage, pumping stations & service ducting.

A brief description of the works carried out to date.

We have installed a 4m deep reception chamber to facilitate the processing and recirculation of site drainage water.

The install process included installation of temporary works (sheet piling, frames), bulk excavation, as well as steel-fixing, shuttering and pouring the reinforced concrete structure.

Groundwater management was also an important element that enabled us to carry out the works.

Another key component of the site drainage plan was the installation of two retention separator tanks which filter unwanted contaminants from the collected drainage water.


Again this involved the installation of temporary works, 6m depth bulk excavation, and groundwater management.


In addition we conducted crane-assisted lifts & concrete works, and completed drainage connections into the tanks.

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