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Liebherr Extention

MAL Contractors have been appointed by P.J. Hegarty & Sons (U.K.) Limited as the labour and plant only subcontractor for the extention works in Biggleswade for Liebherr.

The project mainly comprises of a new slab area, with fuelling station, kiosk and utilities buildings for a new training ground for Liebherr Plant.

The main contractor for this project is PJ Hegarty & Sons UK Ltd, who have employed MAL Contractors Ltd to carry out the following works on a labour and plant basis :-

Below Ground Drainage - Surface water and foul drainage including connections to public areas and existing buildings;

length in excess of 1,800m from 100 to 600 dia pipes with a maximum depth of 4.00m with associated manholes 55 nr and 100 gullys and 3 nr interceptors of various sizes.

Ducting - For a myriad of multiple services including Watermain, CCTV, LV, MCWS, Fire Hydrant, Security and Data trenches and ducts varying in size from 90 to 225mm dia ducts with a total length of ducting in excess of 13,000m and including all chambers for the various services 117 nr .

Fuel Tanks – Excavate pit, earth work support, install base, 2nr fuel tanks 4.50x 2.50 dia, concrete surround and concrete slab and all necessary ducting and fuel lines.

Concrete Roads / Aprons – Provide all labour and plant for 250mm th reinforced concrete slab including all joints, saw cuts and finish to an area in excess of 10,000m2

Kiosk / Utility Buildings – Provide foundations, brickwork and blockwork, including reinforced concrete roof to the kiosk 11 x 9 x 4.50 m high and utility building 6 x 8 x 4.50 m high

External Works – Provide all external civil works to include, kerbs, paving and furniture installation.

The project is currently ongoing and MAL Contractors Ltd maintain their reputation of quality workmanship and working with their client on a cooperative basis.

Approximate value of the works Labour and Plant only £750,000.00 +

Duration 6 Months

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